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Kamkus Law Journal (ISSN 2582- 1156) provides its readers with novelties in legal academia. Kamkus Law Journal is an academic-led, bilingual, blind peer-reviewed, generalist journal on the laws of the Indian subcontinent. The journal is currently running in its seventh volume which is a special issue on "50 Years of the Basic Structure Doctrine" shortly. The journal is interdisciplinary in nature and seeks to explore the insights to be gained from economics, political science, philosophy, anthropology, and other disciplines as well. These varied perspectives on global issues will facilitate a more meaningful contextualization of law and legal change in a global world. The peer-reviewed issues include Reviews, Original Research Articles, Case Reports, Short Communications and Letters. We offer rapid editorial evaluation and short publication times without compromising on scientific quality.

In view of our substantive themes and the interdisciplinary nature of the journal, our editorial structure must also be distinctive. Therefore, the Kamkus Law Journal is a faculty-edited, peer-reviewed journal. Our commitment to peer review is consistent with our aim of serving as a forum for exchange among scholars in the law and other disciplines. While peer review is relatively rare in law publications, it is the norm among the other disciplines that will be in conversation in our pages. Furthermore, peer review reflects our assessment that the interdisciplinary nature of global legal studies has reached a new level of maturity. Kamkus Law Journal would thus, continue supporting and promoting legal and intellectual deliberations across the country especially in institutions under the state or regional aegis. The main objective of the journal thus, remains achieving a more equitable and accommodative academic, research-oriented discourse.

The Kamkus Law Journal is the brain child of visionary academicians who share mutual passion and belonging towards the pursuit of academic advancement through structured, innovative, researched and analytical flow of ideas pertaining to law and contemporary developments. Therefore, after an overwhelming response to the previous editions of the journals and having exceptional, thought provoking and academically proficient pieces by dignitaries, academics and legal jurists we are thrilled to launch our special edition on "50 Years of the Basic Structure Doctrine" as a part of our vision of promoting academia and legal discourse.